Dog running in a K9 Storm Tracking ID Harness

K9 Storm Tracking ID Harness

The K9 Storm Tracking ID Harness is constructed of US Military Spec. webbing and K9 Storm exclusive aerospace grade aluminum hardware rated to 2,500 lbs. breaking strength. Our harness is incredibly lightweight and is modeled after the patented design of our K9 Storm Vests. Features include a yolk style harness that the dog cannot back out of, agency designation embroidery, and a lay flat handle.

XXS: 14"-20" (IE. Most Terriers 10 lbs.)
XS: 20"-26" (IE. Most Border Collies <50 lbs.)
Small: 25"-31" (IE. Most Malanois 50-70 lbs.)
Medium: 28"-34" (IE. Most German Shepherds 70-110 lbs.)
Large: 32"-38" (IE. Most Bloodhounds >110 lbs.)

Follow the link for more info on our Tracking ID Harness Options.
  1. Dog jumpin in a K9 Storm Tracking ID Harness
  2. Military Working Dog
  3. Dog running in a K9 Storm Tracking ID Harness
  4. Dog running in a K9 Storm Tracking ID Harness
Dog running in a K9 Storm Tracking ID Harness

Lay Flat Handle

Prevent Unnecessary Catch Hazards

Every K9 Storm ID Harness comes standard with a lay flat handle built into the back of the harness. This grab point is to be used for added control and to help lift your dog into or over a variety of obstacles. By design, it lays completely flat when tracking or working off line.

Everything at K9 Storm is streamlined to minimize any potential catch hazards when working. Unless the handle serves a load bearing purpose (like on our K9 Storm Vests) having an external handle on a harness is unnecessary. 

Imagine your dog is tracking in a urban or rural environment...the more things that are sticking up on their harness, the higher the likelihood that your dog gets caught or snagged on branches, vegetation, fencing, or other protruding objects, slowing both of you down in the process.
  1. Dog being held back by handle
  2. Dog being held by a handle
  3. K9 Storm Harness with Lay Flat Handle
  4. Dog on ski lift

Subdued Colors:
- Black
- Olive Drab
- Coyote Tan
- Multi-Cam
- Dark Blue

High Visibility Colors:
- SAR Orange
- Fire Red
- Safety Yellow

Color Choice

Many Styles to Fit your Needs

Does your K9 Storm Harness need to match your uniform or vividly stand out in a crowd? Select from a variety of colors and choose whatever color suits you best. 

*K9 Storm Tip: Can't decide on a color? Go with black.
- Black stands out nicely with all dog breeds but is subtle enough that you'll fit in perfectly during any type of tactical or stealth deployment. 
  1. Dog tracking harness in black made by K9 Storm Inc.
  2. Dog tracking harness in olive drab made by K9 Storm Inc.
  3. Dog tracking harness in coyote tan made by K9 Storm Inc.